Rental Of Sports & Recreational Facilities

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Please note that all bookings for games and sports such as badminton, tennis, netball, football, lawn bowling and hockey (except those in Batu Kawan Stadium) can be made directly at the counters in MPSP headquarters or through on line at (e-Tempahan System)

However, for bookings of halls and sports complex for carnivals, tournaments and celebrations which involve some prior preparations and the usage of equipments , please liaise directly with the Community Services Department at 03-5497488.

Please bring along your payment receipts (if payments have already been made) before coming to MPSP.

Thank you.


Effective from 1 June 2006, rental rates for sports complex, halls and stadium will be as follows. Deposits are required for the following:-

Deposits are applicable for daily slots (8 hours) or a full day rental, and for hourly slots (if its being used for competitions) payment of deposits are as follows:-

*For rental of PLACE (section/area/site) of RM1000-00 and below in total, deposit will be half (50%) of the total rent.

*For rental of PLACE (section/area/ site) of RM1000.00 - RM5000.00 in total, deposit will be RM1000.

*For rental of PLACE (section/area/site) of more than RM5000.00 in total, deposit will be RM3000.00


1. Partial payment/ consessions will be given directly for:

*Activities organised by governement agencies/ statutory bodies.

*Government Education/Learning Instituition, registered Sports Club/organisation.

*Member of Parliament, State Representative, MPSP Council Members, Club/Society and MPSP departments.


2. The following will be exempted for payment:

*Sports activities organised by Clubs under the Social Department and Welfare Society, MPSP Sports and Social Society (PESUKA).

*Training/meetings/workshops/ seminar/course program organised by MPSP Department/Society/Club.


Consessions/exemptions for 1 and 2 are only for non-profit activities and not applicable for bookings of personal use.





Seberang Perai Municipal Council provides various sports and recreational facilities for the public such as: