Enquiry Through SMS

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SMS SERVICES - 0124100300

In line with our commitment to provide excellent services to Seberang Perai residents, MPSP Online Services

can now be accessed through SMS.

MPSP will not charge the public for the service. You pay the normal SMS charge by your SMS service provider.


The SMS system provides 5 services so far :-

1) Assessment Bill Enquiry.

    Enter KADAR space <House/Land Assessment Account number>


2) Parking Compound Enquiry.

    Enter KOMPAUN space


3) Tender Enquiry.

     Enter TENDER LIST for Tender/Quotation notices
     Enter TENDER space for Tender explanations
     Enter TENDERO LIST for List of Tenders/Quotations opened
     Enter TENDERO space for Details of Tender/Quotation

4) Check Invoice Status.

    Enter INBOIS space space


5) Check License Application Status.

    Enter LESEN space space space <I/C Number>


Types of License:-

- General

H - Entertainment
I  - Industrial
P - Hawker
V - Veterinary


All SMS must be sent to 0124100300

The system will send help messages if the information received through SMS is not valid or incomplete.

For more information, please call En. Abdul Fikri ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at 04-5497443